Lynn Woodward, self portraitMy degrees are in Biology and Computer Graphics, but I’ve been a photographer all my life. I’ve worked fixing computers, teaching rock-climbing, packing mules, making sandwiches, skinning birds, singing songs… you get the picture. I like to mix-up academic, art, intuitive and physical work, and actually like to get dirty.

My current work is primarily photography: natural-light portraits, studio product shots, and event and news coverage. My subjects are from all walks of life, most often musicians, authors, horse-people and their animals.

Additionally, my experience in graphic design, computer production of printed materials and news reporting add a dimension of understanding of not only the technical requirements of the imagery, but also how the imagery, words and design interact to support the story.

What I most love about my work is meeting people, and that my portrait work and news assignments give me more opportunities to hear stories and expand those connections.

Then, as we co-create photos, I strive to connect people to what they love about themselves. Often, that’s what we capture.

— Lynn Woodward

What They Say

“It is passing strange to me that some photographers have such a knack for portraiture. One of my freelancers has the gift. She captures people’s essence, their soul, in a way none of the others, good as they are, can. It smacks of magic, but I think it has something to do with profound empathy.” — Jim Cornelius, news editor, Nugget Newspaper

“Talk about natural talent; you’ve got it! You have such a good eye for getting the desired shots! You were a treat to work with and able to ascertain what I was wanting and needing in my photos and did it with such skill, grace and humor. Thank you, Lynn, I am thrilled with your work!” — Bethanne Kronick, productivity strategist, Simplify!

“As usual, you outdid yourself. All the photos are just fantastic! I love it when the hardest part is trying to pick the best one because it is too hard to choose. Thank you! Thank you!” — Leith Williver, production manager, Nugget Newspaper

“I was stopped in Sisters the other day and congratulated by a nice lady who wanted to thank all who were involved in Sisters Country Prepared & Ready. She especially liked the ‘local, grassroots’ feel of the poster and brochure, not the ‘typical’ look that she sometimes sees. Thanks Lynn!” — Jack McGowan, SCP&R leader

“I have been trying for years to take a photo of my wife that shows her spirit, and never have. You captured her spirit in that photo so well! I love it!” — R.P.

“We were impressed with your patience and the great quality of photos that you took of our family — you were undaunted by the task of capturing the essence of my 2 year-old twins in photos. We were amazed when the twin who had previously had a meltdown in a photo studio, toddled over to hug you!” — S.G.

“I feel very fortunate to have someone like you who captures the part of me I like. You are truly a talented artist in every sense of the word. It is the first time I have felt the person I am has been represented in a way I can feel proud of. You also have the details wired. I love that. It is a unique match to have both.” — A.S.

Just the Facts

BA Biology, Colorado College, CO
Graphic Design & Computer Graphics, Platt College, CA
several courses in technique & approach, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, MT

Motion, Angeline’s Bakery
Iceland, Angeline’s Bakery
Ice Gazing, Sisters City Hall, 2010-2012
Mother, Sisters Art Works, 2012

Some Clients:
Nugget Newspaper, news periodical, OR: event photos
Sisters Oregon Guide, regional activity guide, OR: portrait, event & product photos
True West magazine: event & product photos
American Cowboy magazine: event photos
Sisters Folk Festival, music festival and community music sponsor, OR: concert & other event photos
Central Oregon Horse Journal, horse periodical, OR: portrait & event photos
Clay Maier, Friesian Spectacular, horse trainer, KY: logo, portrait & performance photos, website, business collateral
Horse Archer Productions, film production company, VA: photo logo
Mark Story, photographer, ID: website, book editing & logistics
TAW Gallery, art gallery, OR: website
Sisters Country Prepared & Ready, preparedness organization, OR: website
Moira Smiley & VOCO, singer-songwriter, CA: performance photos
Dan Weber, singer-songwriter, OR: portrait photos
Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai, singer-songwriters, CA, HI: performance photos
Chuck McCabe, (the late) singer-songwriter, CA: portrait photos & CD co-design
Kathy Marshall, singer-songwriter, OR: portrait & CD photos
Mike Biggers, singer-songwriter, OR: portrait & CD photos, website
Dennis McGregor, singer-songwriter, OR: portrait & CD photos, website
Brad Tisdel, singer-songwriter, OR: portrait & CD photos
Katie Cavanaugh: singer-songwriter, OR: portrait & CD photos
Sourdough Slim, musician & entertainer, CA: performance photos
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, publisher: author photos
Bethanne Kronick, author, productivity strategist, OR: portrait & collateral photos
Kelsey Collins, author, hospice chaplain, OR: book cover photos & portrait photos
Terri Daniel, author, OR: portrait photos
Werner Lowenstein, author, MA: portrait photos
Angeline’s Bakery, specialty-diet bakery, OR: product photos, advertising & website design
Rose City Archery, arrow manufacturer, OR: product & site photos, catalog & advertising design
Simpler Pleasures, interior design, MA: showroom photos, website & advertising design